Acupuncture or Acupressure therapy, by applying stimulation to points, employs the patients’ own body energy (or immunology system) to cure the disease.

Acupuncture has been proven safe and effective through thousands of years of use. It is the mostly widely accepted alternative medicine in the world to avoid chemical related side effect and to treat the diseases which is not satisfied by the modern therapy.

Now Western doctors found the “modern diseases” (from pollution, stress, long time computer usage), such as body pains, tension, insomnia, palpitation, breathing problems, coldness of the limbs, constipation, high blood pressure, high blood sugar…to be started by dysfunction of nerves and muscles, which usually are getting oversensitive. So, desensitization of nerves and muscles by Acupuncture is the solution to cure the condition and prevent the development of such conditions to a more serious illness, such as cancer, heart or brain diseases.

Clean needle technique is very important to avoid communicable disease to spread. We are using disposable needles to all patients.

Some Autonomic Nerves Problems
Effective Rate
Acne and some eczema
Chronic Rhinitis/sinusitis
Chronic throat pain/swallowing discomfort
Functional Palpitation, arrhythmia, and angina
Chronic Cough and Asthma
Irritable Bowel syndrome
Irritable bladder syndrome
   a) Non infectious cystitis
   b) Non infectious prostatitis
   c) Some prostate hyperplasia
Coldness of hands or feet (Vasoconstriction)
Menstruation problems
   a) Amenorrhea
   b) Functional uterine bleeding
   c) Premenstrual Stress Syndrome
   d) Dysmenorrhoea
Breast Lobular Hyperplasia and fibro adenoma
Infertility by
   a) Reduction of Stress, anxiety and depression of the patient
   b) Relax of uterus and Fallopian tube smooth muscles
   c) Increase their blood flow in the pelvic, even improve IVF outcomes.
   a) 30% of Diabetic patients’ blood sugar can be controlled by Acupuncture without lifetime
       Chemical medication
   b) DM complications response well to Acupuncture therapy
   Early stage Hypertensive patients should try Acupuncture. Acupuncture help rebalance of
   Sympathetic and Vague nerve function that may help to lower the blood pressure.

Acupuncture Treats Chronic Pains better than others

Acupuncture Treats Osteoarthritis
Acupuncture is the first choice of treatment
 1) Earlier Stage
Joint pain that is caused by muscles (striding across the joint) spasm and shortening, which break the pressure balance inside the joint.
Acupuncture can relax the shortened muscles, rebalance the joint pressure and cure the problem.
 2) Middle Stage
Joint pain + Stiffness + Swelling that are caused by Articulate Cartilage reduction, Osteophyte formation (from pressure) and Effusion (from the friction of bones).
Acupuncture can relieve the symptoms, stop the deterioration and promote the absorption of effusion by relaxing the surrounding muscles to reduce the pressure in the joint.
 3) Later stage
Joint pain with deformity resulted by loss of joint space and calcification of soft tissues.
Acupuncture can also reduce the symptoms